Priority Request: Virtual Curly Cut w/DAZE


(up to 60 mins) This service is for those that need to request a specific date/time. Daze will guide you in a personal 1 on 1 virtual session to help you to reshape your curls, trim your ends and/or address damage. This is a complete 360º shape-up. This service is for one person only.

Virtual Curly Cut
Virtual Curly Cut
Virtual Haircut

Virtual Fringe & Crown Lift w/DAZE


(up to 45 mins)  Daze will guide you in a personal 1 on 1 virtual session to help you reshape your fringe & crown area for better lift and bounce! This service is for one person only. For a more extensive shape-up for your entire head of curls, please book "Virtual Shape-up w/Daze". If your time zone is over 4 hours difference from the PST time zone please apply for the Priority Request: Virtual Curly Cut.

Virtual Consultation w/DAZE


(20 mins)  Daze, a Curl Specialist for over 20 years will assess the current condition of your curls and help you develop a personal hair care regimen. She'll answer your questions about which products would work best for your curls and determine if a Virtual curly cut will work for you. This service is for one person only.



   When the pandemic forced quarantines, Henson, who is based in San Diego and is a curly-hair master, found an innovative way to help her curly clients get those needed trims from the comfort of their homes with virtual haircuts. She offers a FaceTime walkthrough, guiding clients through the cut, teaching them to feel for damage, how to angle their scissors and then she gives them the green-light to "snip."

"I never reopened my salon, but these virtual sessions have become so successful, I am hearing from people from all over the world."

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When salons were forced to close, many stylists pivoted to virtual services as well. Daisy Henson, owner of The Daze Studio curly hair salon in San Diego, offers a variety of virtual services, including quick consultations (to assess the condition of your curls and develop a hair care regimen) and a variety of haircut options, from a quick fringe lift to a total shapeup. (She's the stylist who instructed Burling's haircut.)