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Q. Who is eligible for a Virtual Curly Cut?


A.  Anyone with wavy, coily, or curly hair! Any texture, including curly permed hair.


You don't have to be an existing client of The Daze Studio.

You don't have to be a professional hairstylist.

A Consultation is optional.


You must be willing to have fun 😄

The Virtual Curly Cut may not be for you if you have Range-of-motion or mobility issues in your shoulders, arms, or hands.

Q. How long does my hair have to be to get a Virtual Curly Cut?


A.   Your hair must be 3 inches or longer to perform the Virtual Curly Cut.

Q. Do you have a Virtual Curly Cut for Kids?


A.  We offer Virtual Consultations to help parents figure out a curly/wavy styling routine for their kids. We don’t have a Virtual Curly Cut service for kids, but we will soon have a cutting/styling tutorial video for parents & kids.

Q. I don't see any dates available on the booking calendar.


A.  All appointments for that month are booked. You have two options. You can wait for more appointments to become available (typically at the end of the month). Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of the exact date. Your second option would be to apply for a Priority Appointment (tap here). You can secure a sooner appointment date/time that you prefer.

Q. What languages are Virtual Services offered?


A. Virtual Cuts & Consultations are in English. However, limited English is ok for the Virtual Curly Cut. The verbal instructions are simple, and many are visually communicated, making them easy to follow.

Q. Can my friend/family assist me during my Virtual Curly Cut session?


A. We've designed our technique's guided instructions specifically to your perspective - the person receiving the haircut.


While extra help from friends or family might seem beneficial, the best results come when you are the one doing the cutting.


We also offer a hair cutting class for professional stylists, barbers, and cosmetology students. That classes instructions are from the traditional perspective of a person cutting another person’s hair. You can visit our Education page for more info.

Q. I applied for the PRIORITY VIRTUAL CURLY CUTHow long should I expect to wait for a response?

A. We will contact you if your application has been approved. Because of the overwhelming interest in our virtual cut services, we will attempt to get in touch with you within three days of submitting your application. Filling out an application does not guarantee an appointment. A waiting list is not available at this time.

Q. How often should I get a Virtual Curly Cut?

A. We recommend that you get a cut every 3-4 months to prevent split ends, maintain the shape, and keep your curls looking their best.

(Not required for Consultations)


  • Seated or standing in a well-lit area. If sitting, a swivel chair is best.

  • Facing a mirror, that you don't need to hold.

  • Make sure that your device is as close to eye level as possible.

  • Position yourself with a plain background (a white wall, door, etc.).

  • Wear a light-colored top if your hair is dark. Wear a dark-colored top if your hair is blond, white, or gray. This will help Daze see your curls better.

  • Set up in a room with a comfortable temperature. A fan on a low setting is acceptable.

diy Curly haircut


diy Curly haircut
The Daze Studio-Compact Mirror


Q. What tools will I need for the Virtual Curly Cut?


A.  We recommend sharp, stainless steel, 5-6 inch hair cutting shears. Craft scissors are difficult to manipulate and may not be sharp enough. If you have hair-cutting scissors please ensure that they are sharp. Dull scissors are challenging to work with and will require more time to complete your haircut. The Virtual Curly Cut Kit is available for purchase on our online shop.

  • Scissors

  • 5 Croc Clips to hold sections of hair in place.

  • 1 Daze Stik for easy sectioning

  • Any digital device with ZOOM downloadable here

diy curly Kit


Photo Feb 22, 3 54 26 AM.jpg
  • Washed and detangled (no more than 1 day before appointment.

  • Worn down with products defining your curls. I want to see your curls defined with the typical products you use so that I can see your daily results and help you make improvements.

  • Thoroughly dried in its natural curly state. (air dried or diffused)

  • We recommend that you skip your arm day workout (weight lifting etc) prior to your appointment because you will have to elevate your arms throughout the process :)


Do NOT  have your hair in any style that alters your natural curl pattern


Q. How do I cancel or edit my appointment?

A.  After you book your appointment you will receive a confirmation email. In that email, select the "Cancel / Edit Appointment" button. You will be able to cancel your appointment or reschedule to a different date. Upload or change your pictures by selecting the 'Edit Forms' button.


Check your Junk mail if you are having problems locating the confirmation email in your inbox. The email will have the title "Appointment Scheduled".

Edit appt 1.png


Q. How do I pay the remaining balance?


A.  After you complete you Virtual appointment, open up the last email that was sent to you. Scroll to the bottom of the email and press the button "Pay Remaining Balance...". You can also tip after you enter you credit card info etc, if you choose to.


Q. I forgot to add a tip or pay for additional time when paying the remaining balance. Can I still tip?


A.  Yes. Use the button below if you would like to tip or make any additional payments. Thank you!


Kalyn VCC-1.png

Q. How do I share the results of my Virtual Curly Cut?

A.  We would love to see your results immediately after your Virtual Curly Cut or your first wash and style. Select the button below to send us your pictures or videos. We will feature you on social media only after receiving your consent.

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