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Class Kit - Pivot Point Janet

Class Kit - Pivot Point -Janet

Daze Stiks Color


    Pivot Point Mannequin-Janet

    If you’ve been looking for your next favorite mannequin, look no further than Janet. Her long, curly textured hair is a beautiful all-purpose tool to practice and master different techniques. From long-hair updos to wet and thermal styling to color techniques, Janet will prove to be very versatile.


    Daze Stiks (set of 5 stiks)

    An excellent tool for stylists. Stay in control of the cut no matter the texture or density. Use to section, hold, separate, fluff, and curl, hair. Stainless steel, smooth finish is easy to sanitize and will not snag hair. Rounded tips will not poke your client. Holds more hair than average clips. Also, can be used by anyone to pin up hair into unique styles. Available in three colors (Rose Gold, Platinum & Gold)

  • Mannequin

    • Name: Janet
    • Head Size: Small
    • Hair Type: Indian
    • Hair Color: Dark
    • Hair Texture: Curly
    • Hair Length: 12″ – 18″
    • Form: Increase Layered


    Daze Stiks

    • Made of Stainless Steel.
    • Length: 9 1/4 inch, Width: 1/4 inch, Weight: 1/2 oz.
    • Set of 5 stiks (ONE COLOR per kit)

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