Q. Can I book an appointment by phone, email, Yelp, or Instagram?


A.  No, appointments can only be booked through the website using the "Pricing/Book Appointment" button.

Q. When I attempt to schedule an appointment, why aren't there any available dates on the calendar for several months into the future?


A.  All available appointments are booked for that particular service. More appointments will be available on the date specified on the Home page of this site. Join our Mailing list to be notified when this date is approaching. Also, join our Cancellation List and you will be notified if an appointment opens up and you are next on the list. (see the Cancellation List section below)


Q. When will more appointments be available?

A.  Appointments are typically opened the first week of every month for the following month. (example: December appointments are available Nov Xth @ Xpm)

This info will always be located on the banner above the appointment button on the home page of this website. Continue to check back for the exact time and date if it isn't posted.


Q. Appointments were just opened yesterday. Why are there only a few appointments left for the month?

A.  Appointments book very fast! Most appointments for the month are booked within 24 hours of releasing appointment dates. (Tip: Set a reminder alarm so that you can secure a date and time that you prefer before they are all booked by others.)

Q. Can I book a Trim instead of a Cut?


A. Trims can only be booked for returning clients that have had a Curly Cut or previous Curly Trim & Go at The Daze Studio within the last 3 months. This service can be found in the “Returning Cuts” section. It is listed as “Curly Trim & Go-Returning Client” 



Q. I am a Returning client, and I let more than 3 months go by since my last cut, what cut/trim services are available for me?


A. You would no longer qualify for the "Curly Trim & Go”. At that point, you would have to book the service  "Curly Cut - Returning Client (More than 3 months)". The pricing for this service is the same as the “My First Curly Cut” because we will typically have to put in the same amount of time and effort as your first time cut to make your curls look fabulous again.


Q. How does the Cancellation List work?

A.  If an appointment becomes available as a result of another person canceling, we will contact the next person on the Cancellation list to see if they want the appointment. The list will be reset the beginning of each month.

Note: Don't rely on the Cancellation List to secure an appointment. Set your alarm for the Open Appointments date. This is the best way to secure an appointment at the time and date you prefer. Also, please do not add your name to the Cancellation List if you already have an appointment booked.


Q. How do I cancel or edit my appointment?

A.  After you book your appointment you will receive a confirmation email. In that email, select the "Cancel / Edit Appointment" button. Check your Junk mail if you are having problems locating the email in your inbox. The email will have the title "Appointment Scheduled".

edit appt2.PNG


Q. What is a Client Account?

A.   After you schedule an appointment, you will be given the option to register for a client account.

This allows you to:

  • Bypass any forms you’ve already filled out when scheduling future appointments.

  • Save your credit card information, if you like.

  • Reschedule or cancel existing appointments (also available in your confirmation email)

  • View all upcoming and past appointments that have been scheduled while logged into your account.

  • View Gift Certificates you have available to use for your appointments.

Q. How do I log-in to my Client Account?

A.  Navigate as you would when booking an appointment. Once you are on the page to select a calendar date, look in the upper right hand corner and select "Returning? Log in

reg acct2.PNG
Client account.png


Q. How do I upload photos ?

A.  If you were unable to upload pics when you initially booked your appointment; You can upload them by:

  1. opening your confirmation email.

  2. select the "Cancel/Edit Appointment" button.

  3. select "Edit Forms" button.

  4. select the "Choose File" button in the Intake Form

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edit frm2.PNG


Q. How much time should I set aside for my color service?

A.  The time required for color services can range from 2-6 hours. Some of our color services take 1-2 hours more than what you may be used to. This is because we use top color lines with slower processing time to maintain the integrity and health of your curls. The specific time required for each service can be found on the booking page.